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Issue #7

July 20, 2024

🧑‍💻 My first iOS Conference, Daily insights on TCA and Learn all about building macOS utilities 💻

Welcome to the 7th issue of the iOS Coffee Break Newsletter 📬. This week I received an email that made my day! I have been confirmed to attend Swift Leeds.

I couldn't be more thrilled, as this will be my very first iOS conference. I was waiting to hear back from my company about covering some of the conference and travel expenses, and thankfully, everything worked out. I am really looking forward to meeting the developers I follow on Twitter and sharing ideas. Will you be there too? I would love to buy you a coffee ☕!

Enough about me, let's dive into some iOS development topics, shall we? Here are this week's highlighted resources. Hope you enjoy 🙌.

🗓️ Daily insights on TCA

If you are using or interested in The Composable Architecture (TCA), you should definitely follow Romain on LinkedIn. Romain shares daily insights and personal experiences to help you master TCA 🚀. For those looking to enhance their TCA skills, check out his free interactive tutorial on TCA best practices.

⭐ How to (consistently) get 4.8* App Ratings

Jacob wrote an article some time ago on how to improve your review score with two straightforward strategies: requesting reviews and pinpointing your "wow" moment. I found his insights incredibly valuable, especially since I have struggled to get positive reviews for my side project, Padel Time. Now it is time to apply these tips and see the results!

🦎 Blend Modes in SwiftUI

Experimenting with blend modes in SwiftUI can greatly enhance your design's visual impact. In this article, Aryaman demonstrates how applying various .blendMode() modifiers to a standard view can yield intriguing and creative results.

🤖 Build and Run iOS App Tests with GitHub Actions

Last week, Artur from Bright Inventions set up a Fastlane lane to run tests locally. This time, he extends that work by creating a GitHub Actions pipeline, which triggers on changes to the main branch using the same Fastlane lane.

💻 Why macOS Development is Perfect for Indie Developers

For those of you aiming to become indie developers, Antoine has an excellent article that makes macOS development more approachable. In this piece, Antoine invites Jordi Bruin to share his journey into macOS indie development.