🔨 The Swift Argument Parser, Useful Aliases and Toxic Perfectionism 🎮

July 5, 2024

Last week, I took a short vacation to Algarve to take a break from work! If you haven't visited the southern part of Portugal 🇵🇹, I highly recommend taking a break to explore its sandy beaches 🏖️, enjoy the warm weather ☀️ and savor the amazing Portuguese cuisine 🍲. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter if you need any tips for the best spots.

Here are this week's highlighted resources. Hope you enjoy 🙌.

👨‍🔬 Swifter and Swifty: Mastering the Swift Testing Framework

This week, I discovered Xu Yang's blog, and I am amazed 😮 I hadn't found it sooner given the high quality of the content. In this article Xu, that writes articles under the name Fatbobman, explores the features, usage, and unique aspects of the Swift Testing framework, highlighting how it helps developers write test code more quickly and in line with Swift programming practices.

🔨 The Interactive Swift Argument Parser Guide

Planning to build your next command line tool? A few months ago, Swift Toolkit.dev published a three-part guide on leveraging the Swift Argument Parser to create new tools. The first part covers the basics: creating a new tool, commands, subcommands, and arguments. The second part dives into flags, name specifications, flag inversions and enumerable flags. The third and final part explores options and exiting. In my opinion, this guide is one of the most comprehensive resources on the Swift Argument Parser, so I highly recommend you checking it out ✅!

⏩ Useful Aliases for Everyday iOS Development

In this article, Aryaman shares several useful aliases for Xcode, CocoaPods, Git, and more to streamline your workflow. These tips aim to reduce context switching, allowing you to focus more on coding and less on managing tools.

🎮 How I Overcame My Perfectionism Through Stardew Valley

Vera decided to share a personal milestone: learning to cope with her perfectionist mindset. She writes about the open-ended country-life RPG, Stardew Valley, and how playing it offered her new perspectives. I can completely relate to her experience, as I have also felt like I could and should have done better at a task, only to end up procrastinating and doing nothing!